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Hey, all y’all.

Sickness is over, two more days of antibiotics. Could REALLY use a cider right about now, though.

So I had really wanted to do something special for my readers… and myself. This would be the Oil Cleansing Method (maybe you guys have read about it on Pinterest, or just heard about it via word of mouth… if not, then check it out)

From my understanding, the Oil Cleansing Method can work because of the idea that like causes/cures like (very anthropological concept). So far… my face has freaked the fuuuuck out (excuse me.), and I’m not entirely sure if I should attribute that to starting birth control again almost simultaneously, or 2-3 days of really shoddy cleansing while I was sick…. I freaked out and started back on ProActiv. 

Let’s just say that as a newly single lady, I’m feeling REALLY hot and confident lately. I played “who’s in control” today and dyed my hair dark, again. Ugh. EMOtions. 

Maybe I’ll try again. Anybody have any really awesome stories about success/failures with the OCM? ANYBODY A MIRACLE WORKER? ANYBODY WANNA GIMME A SELF-ESTEEM BOOST (an honest one)?